Roundtable Reports on Kosovo Criminal Justice System

Justice and the People Campaign hosted a series of six expert roundtables to discuss issues within the Kosovo criminal justice system. The roundtable discussions were used to assist the Campaign in identifying areas in which it will propose reforms.

Open Justice – Sixth Roundtable Report
18 November 2014


Delivering Justice – Fifth Roundtable Report
30 November 2013


Citizens’ Rights and Accountability in the Kosovo Justice System – Fourth Roundtable Report
7 March 2013
Keynote remarks were presented by U.S. Ambassador Tracey Ann Jacobson and Kosovo Deputy Prime Minister and Justice Minister Hajredin Kuci. The expert roundtable focused on citizens’ rights, transparency, and accountability in the Kosovo justice system.  Recommendations from the discussion included identifying a reliable mechanism for funding the Victim Compensation Fund and providing crime victims with clear information regarding their right to participate as parties in criminal proceedings.

Justice in Justice? – Third Roundtable Report
27 October 2011
Prior to the roundtable discussion, President Atifete Jahjaga and other senior government and civil society officials spoke.  The expert roundtable focused on the effective prosecution of corruption and effective oversight of justice system actors to prevent corruption.  Recommendations from the discussion included educating citizens on how to file complaints against officials suspected of corruption and encouraging civil society organizations to monitor the justice system.

Rule of Law: Challenges in Implementation – Second Roundtable Report
15 September 2011
This expert roundtable focused on the issues of victims in the criminal justice system, juvenile justice, criminal mediation, and citizen complaints against police, prosecutors, and judges.  Recommendations from the discussion included educating the public about complaint processes and establishing appropriate referral policies between institutions that work with crime victims to ensure that they get appropriate support.

Justice and the People – First Roundtable Report
30 June 2011
This expert roundtable focused on a number of criminal justice issues, including domestic violence, victims’ rights, and corruption in the criminal justice system.  Recommendations from the discussion included advocating for specialization of judges, prosecutors, and police in key areas such as domestic violence and  creating an education campaign to improve the public’s understanding of the justice system.